about the band


Robby Peters
- Drums

Aaron Sapen
- Bass Guitar, and Vocals

Scott Ryan
Guitar, Vocals

Jason Sapen
- Guitar, Keyboard, and Vocals

Kipp Koonce
- Owner / Sound Engineer

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BLAMMO is a sure crowd-pleaser, bringing something new to every show. Whether at your night club or on your wedding day—no matter what your celebration—for over a decade this fantastic four-piece has energetically performed a wide variety of everyone’s favorite popular songs, from the 1960s through today, for a wide variety of audiences. BLAMMO dresses for the occasion and brings a youthful high-energy stage show, along with the professionalism and experience of a seasoned band to your event and much more.
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BLAMMO is made up of guitars, bass guitar, drums, three part vocals, synthesizers, and keyboards. With all four original members, BLAMMO continues to fulfill the good times at every venue. BLAMMO is also partners with Audio Engineer Kipp Koonce, one of the nation’s finest live-audio specialists fully equipped with a cutting-edge multimedia sound system. There’s something for everyone at a BLAMMO show. So grab a spot close to the band on the dance floor, sit back enjoy the music, or just hang out. You’ll forget all about the grind and have nothing but good times!